“Rebrain” is on the way!!!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on our new service, Rebrain.

“Rebrain” is our new online based networking service aiming to tackle and provide solutions to “Brain Drain” in Africa and allowing Diasporas to keep themselves up-to-date with information on Africa and their own countries by introducing a platform where people seeking to share their experiences and interests can interact. This platform will allow local entities, government institutions and other institutions in many different forms to share their project and gain interests and knowhow, solution, comment and suggestions from the experts in the field to tackle the challenges they are facing in their respective sectors and daily works.
The platform will connect individuals to individuals, to institutions, to companies to communities, to projects and researches and so on.

This platform will bring inclusive challenge and problem solving solutions by allowing participation of experts in the field.

Experts will also be able to connect themselves with projects or institutions in their preferred areas and areas of interests and provide a method to reconnect or deepen their connection to their homeland. This will enable them to contribute to the development of the continent and countries in Africa.

We eye to attract following audiences on with various ways for registration:

  • Individual Experts: Free registration
  • Web advertisement: Register on Subscription fee basis
  • Institutions in Home countries
    • Register on platform: Membership fee
    • Register with special Premium Account: Membership fee
  • Individual Expert with Premium Membership registration: Membership fee


Visit Rebrain website to register: Link


For more detail, please download the White Paper from following links:

Download (English ver. / Japanese ver.)

Watch Rebrain promotion video:

For those who are interested in this project/service, feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to working with you!