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Smartphone App with IoT beacon device.


Ding is a service provided as a Smartphone IOS App.

This application enables users to get a discount coupon when he/she takes a meal in a shop that have contract with the service provider.

The user get a coupon of the same amount he/she spent and can use it another time in the same shop. It also include a feature of exchanging coupons between users; if he/she doesn’t want to use it right away he/she can release it to the market and get another one from the market at time he needs it, provided they is some available released by other users. Also the user gets a lottery ticket every time he/she uses the App, which may provide a free meal.

WiredIn, Ltd was hired to develop:

  • An Mobile IOS App for shop clients
  • A Shop User UI for the shop owners
  • An Admin UI for Ding Operator.

We are currently developing an Android version of the App.

Here below some screenshots of the web interfaces and Mobile IoS:

Web site:



Event management system


The Event Factory, Ltd contracted WiredIn, Ldt to develop an event management system for events hosted by The Event Factory.
The Project comprise one Admin web application for the staff of event factory, a front-end web application for client registration and Smartphone application to scan clients’ ticket at the venue in order to record their attendance.

The event management system comprise the following features:

  • Ability to create, edit and update and delete events and its particulars
  • Ability to register new staff and assign them task, with a follow-up mail system
  • Ability to add participants and their details
  • Ability to upload events documents such as concept notes, speaker list, etc
  • Ability to create and edit payment details

After registering to the the client site, users will be able to:

  • View all latest events hosted by Event factory and register to them
  • Print out online tickets that can be scanned with Smartphone app at the venue
  • Able to receive and printout the invoice, if registration to event required a payment

The Smartphone app is provided to the staff of event factory for them to use at the event venue to check-in participants
Here some of screenshots of the 3 systems:

Web Site:


A mutual aid assistance application for the earthquake disaster.

Kizuna is a home project developed by WiredIn, Ldt in partnership with Kobe Institute of Computing. “Kizuna” is a mutual aid assistance application for the earthquake disaster.
“Kizuna” enable users to confirm the safety and location information of family and friends, and request the mutual assistance nearby.
You can register each other friends as well as the acquaintance of the neighborhood to help each other when a large earthquake disaster has occurred.
Also, a message notification can be sent to confirm the user’s situation when seismic intensity of 5 or more large earthquake occurs, and users will answer their own state(Safety or Need help) through simple screen. Friend’s statuses are collected with GPS position and user will be able to know whether they need help through the app.
This application provides efficient safety confirmation and mutual help using its features. People use this app and “Kizuna” registration between friends, family, and the people nearby in preparation for emergency.

Check below links to the app (iOS and Android version) as well as some screenshoots of explaining how the App works.

Applications:  AppStore (iOS) / Google Play(Android)