Our teams don’t just read up on the latest technology trends, they are regularly pushed to use them within our projects with clients around the world, to create great solution. We have had the fortune to work with some of the most professional people around the world, which has in turn helped our teams grow professionally to world standards. We hope you can join us soon, learn the ropes and work with us in achieving great things together.

WiredIn has a well-established training program that aims at continuous learning and skill development. This ensures that our employees are always up-to-date with the latest in technologies, and well versed in the best practices of our industry. We also get them into varied projects that help enhance their skill sets as well as expose them to the most sought after in technology.

Are you cut out for these positions? Come, find out…

Do you think you have it in you?

We strive to keep a startup culture at the core. The organization has a flat hierarchy and we are constantly on the lookout for the right people to join our team. Apart from good technical and interpersonal skills, we welcome people who are fun loving, motivated and energetic; always willing to learn on the go…

  • Innovators: Drivers of innovation ready to take calculated risks
  • Enterprising: Roll-up-your-sleeves and let’s get work done attitude
  • Accountable: Take responsibility for delivering results without prompts
  • Proactive: Not reactive. Always thinking ahead
  • Drive: The determination to learn new things and get things done
  • Team Player: complement other people and be a part of the team