Software Development

Custom Software Development Services

WiredIn development teams and quality assurance teams spans two countries right now, Japan and Rwanda.
We have experience in many software languages and technologies including Web Applications and Mobile systems.
Our development process puts your concerns at the center of our work through the use of continuous feedback, by making principles of Agile Software Development central to our dealings with our clients.
The many benefits of using WiredIn as your software development team include very competitive costs, depth and breadth of a team with significant experience, the ability to use our team only when needed.
Whether your software development needs are for a single project or an ongoing large software system, we think that you will find WiredIn to be a great fit for your needs.

Web App

We have extensive experience in developing high quality web application software in PHP using the Laravel / Yii2 Web Framework, in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails, as well as web applications in JAVA using primarily the Play Web Framework.
We provide web application development in Ruby On Rails as well as WordPress CMS Development, Plugin development, and Theme customization.

Mobile App

We have experience in developing Mobile App in native languages such as Android and iOS mobile platforms.
We also have experience developing Mobile Apps using the Web Mobile Frameworks such as the React Native.

We value

High Performance and productivity

A careful choice of the technology to be used, especially the kind of framework to be used, as well as a continuous attention to technical excellence and good design, ensure that our delivered software will not only work as specified by the client, but also have incorporated most of the best practices of software development that will guarantee high performance and high maintainability, as well as secure applications.

High Quality

We ensure high quality of our delivered products, by using specific tools and techniques, such as automated unit testing and continuous integration, to make sure that the constant feedback from clients and changes required do not break already working parts of the applications. Thus for us, the high quality software, is measured by full customer satisfaction.