Customising E-commerce site.

Today’s progressive technology and the advanced digital world offer customers a platform to personalize the product of their choice. Although product customization has been popular for quite some time now, online customization has just taken off to lure more customers. Here at Wiredin, the customer actively participates in the creation process to pick the product of their preference.

E-Commerce has made the world a much smaller place, thanks to the Internet. It is convenient, fast, and easy. The number of people turning to e-Shopping is only going to rise as time goes by. So make your business go online,WiredIn will help you choose a good e-commerce WordPress theme and set up a clutter-free and easy to use e-Commerce website, and see your sales and profits rise.

WiredIn will be in control of your analytics and know exactly what is working, and what is not. Demographics also play an important part as far as target consumers are concerned. We display the right things to the right people. An FAQ section is necessary to answer all common queries that may arise. We don’t leave any room for doubt, as that breaks a sale even before it is done. Our contact information are clear, complete, and up-to-date. Trust plays a very important role in online shopping.

In a survey, we have found that out of 1000 customers, 25-30% were willing to try out customization of products, while only 10% of them had tried it at the time. We allow the customer to personalize the product,and now they are turning from passive buyers to active partners. They are contributing to the product development process. The mere consciousness of helping to create the product makes a customer buy it as well. It is the psychology behind a customer that helps the business get higher conversions.

Open source packages to build your e-commerce site.

WiredIn can integrate client’s e-commerce site using SpreeCommerce .

  • Spree Commerce is an open source E-commerce platform for Rails 6 with a mobile-first UX, an optional PWA frontend, REST APIGraphQL (soon), several official extensions and an ecosystem of 3rd party integrations.
  • Spree is being successfully used in a number of industries and use cases – as an online store, a multi vendor marketplace, a B2B platform, a backend engine for a native mobile app or an omnichannel dashboard for managing orders from retail stores.
  • Spree comes with a fully functional storefront that fits well with most use cases and provides a nice, mobile friendly experience. It may be tweaked as any Rails & Bootstrap application.
  • Spree may be easily customized with an on-brand, custom storefront built in React, Angular or Vue, as a separate app speaking to the backend engine using REST API V2.