Entry-level Python Lessons by WiredIn Ltd. and Techgym

On this page, you can join Entry-level Python Lessons presented by WiredIn Ltd. and Techgym.

There are 7 lessons and their lesson materials which requires prior registration for each materials.

The aim of this scheme is to provide opportunities for programmers and people interested in gaining Python programming skills. The lesson material will cover entry-level.

We recommend following people to join:

  • People interested in Python programming
  • IT programmers keen want to gain new skill or develop their skill or understanding the Python programming through entry-level exercises
  • Non-IT person interested and enthusiastic in Python programming skills

How to Join and download lesson file (s):

Step 1: Select the lesson you want to take. You will be guided to fill questionnaire to download selected lesson’s file.

* Information gathered here will not be shared with other parties and the usage of it will, strictly and only limited to sharing more information in the future from WiredIn Ltd. and Techgym, if you tick ‘Yes’ in the last question of receiving more information in the future.

Step 2: Click ‘Send’ after you fill the required questionnaires.

Step 3: Below a message ‘Thank you for your message. It has been sent.’, you will see a name of a file you are about to download. Click on the name and you will complete your download.

Term of Service

  1. All rights and intellectual property are registered to Techgym,
  2. You will be required to fill the questionnaires each time you download lesson.
  3. The use of these lesson files is strictly limited to personal use and DO NOT share with others, sell, use for business or reproduce to other website. For the case of others’ interest, please instruct the concerned person to downloading page.
  4. Contact Techgym on … for any instructions or requirements, such as materials’ business use and potential collaboration.
  5. In case of the breach of above mentioned cautions, you will be subjected to compensation of damage.




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