Smartphone App with IoT beacon device.

Ding is a service provided as a Smartphone IOS App.

This application enables users to get a discount coupon when he/she takes a meal in a shop that have contract with the service provider.

The user get a coupon of the same amount he/she spent and can use it another time in the same shop. It also include a feature of exchanging coupons between users; if he/she doesn’t want to use it right away he/she can release it to the market and get another one from the market at time he needs it, provided they is some available released by other users. Also the user gets a lottery ticket every time he/she uses the App, which may provide a free meal.

WiredIn, Ltd was hired to develop:

An Mobile IOS App for shop clients
A Shop User UI for the shop owners
An Admin UI for Ding Operator.

We are currently developing an Android version of the App.

Here below some screenshots of the web interfaces and Mobile IoS:

Web site: http://ding.plus/