Event management system

The Event Factory, Ltd contracted WiredIn, Ldt to develop an event management system for events hosted by The Event Factory.
The Project comprise one Admin web application for the staff of event factory, a front-end web application for client registration and Smartphone application to scan clients’ ticket at the venue in order to record their attendance.

The event management system comprise the following features:

Ability to create, edit and update and delete events and its particulars
Ability to register new staff and assign them task, with a follow-up mail system
Ability to add participants and their details
Ability to upload events documents such as concept notes, speaker list, etc
Ability to create and edit payment details

After registering to the the client site, users will be able to:

View all latest events hosted by Event factory and register to them
Print out online tickets that can be scanned with Smartphone app at the venue
Able to receive and printout the invoice, if registration to event required a payment
The Smartphone app is provided to the staff of event factory for them to use at the event venue to check-in participants

Web Site: http://theeventsfactory.biz/

Here some of screenshots of the 3 systems: