Ohereza – Delivery platform

We launched a new Android application for more convenience for Rwanda. Ohereza is a service application for Person to Person Package Delivery.
Check it out on Playstore

Rebrain Concept

We are doing Research and Development of the new concept to facilitate people’s collaboration for country development.

The concept tackles challenges of brain drain, human capacity flight, by providing a platform that those living out of their mother country to stay connected to the development and ongoing projects in the country. By registering to the platform, a registered person will be able to contribute to the development of the country by participating to projects in a way he/she can.

Murakoze Concept

Murakoze Concept is an in-house developed concept and prototype for an IoT device to provide solutions for better service delivery by rating the service. It also provides dashboards with different tables and figures for monitoring and comparisons.