Murakoze Project.

Whether you call it feedback or a survey we make it easy for people to tell you what they think

Murakoze Device helps you get feedback at the “Push of a Button”

There is constant change in client requirements and expectations, and therefore client feedback is essential for customer centered companies. It measures customer satisfaction in real time, monitoring personnel and branch performance and demonstrates dedication to service improvement.

Version 1.

The Murakoze device, installed at each serving desk facing the client or anywhere where the client is able to give his/her feedback. At the end of the transaction/interaction the device offers the possibility for the served client to give feedback simply pressing buttons, providing a rating to the service provided.

Version 2.

The Murakoze device is able to act as a branch customer feedback unit: the customers would stop by at this unit and enter the rating (bad, good, excellent) on the service provided.

This solution is budget – friendly, and it will give the client a precise, direct assessment and general feedback about each customer’s centered department as a well the company as a whole.

Survey solutions for customers and staff

The Murakoze Devices offer the ultimate feedback solution, they are:

  • Simple to use
  • Universally understood
  • Easy to install
  • Real-time results on Web Portal
  • Analytics and Graphics Report on Web Portal
  • And other various features

Customer and Staff happiness is important!

Murakoze feedback devices help you monitor the satisfaction of your clients, patients, visitors and learners by using ratings which results are uploaded in real-time to your safe dashboard. Your dashboard is accessible 24/7 online, which enable you to monitor result and live alerts can be enabled to notify you of issues as they occur, directly to your mail inbox.

Know when your customers are happy

Feedback devices are an ideal way for your customers to tell you if they are happy with the touch of a button – Green smiley face for happy, red for not happy and a range in between to provide a scale of satisfaction. Every touch of the button is fed in to the Murakoze customer experience platform: where data is presented in a secure interactive dashboard – giving you all your happiness information at your fingertips with Nice Graphics easy to interpret – 24/7. 

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Participation to The D2Rwanda Study project

In Spring 2017, WiredIn worked on mobile app development for the D2Rwanda Study (which stands for Digital Diabetes Study in Rwanda) project developed and conducted by Aarhus University (AU) and the University of Luxembourg (UL) under the auspices of the University of Rwanda and Rwanda Biomedical Centre. The project aims to determine the efficiency of HBCPs programme and mobile health application in responding to solve the problem of mismatch of doctors and nurses to diabetes patients in Rwanda (Ref: LINK).

WiredIn was involved in the development of the mobile app call Nyitaho and development of a web-based system that enables nurses and HBCPs (Home-Based Care Practitioner) to study, to arrange appointments, to insert clinical and laboratory results and also update current medications.

[Screenshots of the developed application (Picture is from the report)]

We received positive comments on our work as follow:

“A local software company was contracted for the development of the project (WiredIn Ltd), aiming at taking advantage of their knowledge of the Rwandan context, its challenges, and opportunities. Right from the beginning, the team of the company has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and know-how and has managed to provide essential input and guidance. Based on the agile methodology, the development work was divided into small pieces; for each iteration, there were phases of planning, design, coding ad n testing. Bi-weekly meetings took place with the two PhD students, aiming at demonstrating the working product of the iterations, and provide feedback. Following this workflow, the development team was able to adapt to changes and requests rapidly.”

(Charilaos Lygidakis, PhD student at University of Luxembourg (UL), Jean Paul Uwuzuhiwe, PhD student at Aarhus University (AU), in Denmark)

[The development team of WiredIn demonstrating an alpha version of the Nyitaho app. (Picture is from the report)]

To Mr. Charilaos Lygidakis, Mr. Jean Paul Uwizihiwe and Associate Professor Per Kallestrup, it was our pleasure working with you and wish the success of your entire research.
As a company that believes and is putting efforts in human resource development and skill development of the youth, we are pleased to have played a part in this innovative and solution providing project. Our doors are open for similar collaboration with institutions.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries on collaboration.

You can read and read the full report from following link: LINK (You will be redirected to an external page)